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Model Code: BT-EL02


Product features:

Bed lifting

Back lift

Leg lift

Lower leg bent down

The whole bed leans forward

The whole bed leans forward

Electric / manual CPR, one key reset

Lifting angle display

Weighing function, weight change curve (real time display of LCD data)

Out of bed alarm


4 medical mute double-sided φ 150 mm center caster“

Product description

Multifunctional electric medical bed

Product features:

▪ Size 2330 * 1050 * 530-710mm

▪ Height adjustment 530-710mm  

▪ Back up and down 0-65 °(± 5 °) 

▪ Leg lift 0-43 °(± 5 °) 

▪ Overall tilt forward 0-10 ° 

▪ Overall tilt back 0-10 ° 

▪ All of them are electronically controlled, with indicator light to show the bed status.

▪ The bed data can be stored and called out

▪ Weight scale function, weight data can be stored under the bed and management alarm   

▪ Out of bed alarm

▪ One button reset flattening

▪ Safe working load: 250kg

Standard configuration:

*Motor system   

* Infusion rack jack

*Drainage hook

*Sidebar touch keyboard   

* Foot panel touch keyboard   

* Uninterruptible power supply UPS

Product information and introdution