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Model Code: BT-PC01

Dental Chair

Product description

Hygienic design for cross infection prevention

The assistant frame can be rotated to facilitate "four hand" operation

Dental operating table with compensation chair frame, the chair frame adopts electrophoretic surface treatment, and three groups of memory functions with interlocking function are set

Two three purpose guns

Control system: USB interface integrated computer control operating system, computer control panel with reset, chair lift, pitch, cold light, flush spittoon, water supply, heating and other function operation keys, touch switch control panel

Instrument tray: large tool tray

The spittoon is made in America and imported from Italy. There is a set of automatic water supply control system for gargle ration, and it is equipped with automatic heating and constant temperature system

One set of strong and weak saliva suction system, and the external sewage collection cup can be easily removed and washed

A set of adjustable luxury led oral cold light lamp

A set of 10.24 V low voltage control mouthwash device

One set of ceramic spittoon with 90 degree rotation

A set of external mobile phone water purification system

Pneumatic locking instrument arm 1 set

Multi function combined foot switch, which can control mobile phone and dental chair

The power system adopts DC silent motor

Dental operating table has the function of cleaning filter screen and sediment filtering