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Model Code: BT-A1C


Product features:

Bed lifting

Back lift

Leg lift

Lower leg bent down

The whole bed leans forward

The whole bed leans forward

Electric / manual CPR, one key reset

One key to emergency bed position

Lifting angle display

5 control panels for the whole bed

Flexible connection bed board

4 medical silent double side center control casters

Product description

Product features:

Snap-in connection device at the head and foot of the bed, convenient for disassembly and assembly

 Central control brake device at the end of the bed

Soft connection bed board

 Handle type master controller

 Both sides of the bed can be raised and lowered to prevent falling, and equipped with a total of 5 control panels      on the inner and outer sides and the foot of the bed, which is convenient for controlling the movement of the bed

 Equipped with foot controller, easy to use

Special imported caster, ultra-quiet 

Three-column lifting device, safe and stable

Standard electric and manual CPR system

 Real-time bed tilt angle display. Convenient to adjust the posture of the bed

One key to reach the emergency bed position

Standard configuration:

*Motor system

*The guardrail has 5 control panels

*Foot controller

*Infusion rack jack

*Drainage hook

Product information and introdution