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Model Code: BT-A101

LDR BED SERIES – Electric Delivery Bed

Product description

The maternity care bed is suitable for all stages of labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. It has the full automatic conversion function from the sickbed to the delivery table, providing full comfort for the delivery process

The patient bed overall lifting, front and rear back bending adopt electric control, button operation, foot plate device adopts controllable gas spring to adjust, so as to achieve the rationality of various parts of the human body, which is conducive to the smooth delivery of puerpera.

Under the bed board it is equipped with a hidden dirt box and a detachable auxiliary table, which can be changed according to clinical needs

The angle and position can be adjusted by both sides of the leg bracket and hidden armrest. The headboard and the left and right guardrails are made of high-strength plastic. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and can be easily removed or hidden

The product can be equipped with CD sound, which helps to regulate the good mood of the puerpera. The caster adopts Chinese and English control system, which can move flexibly and lock firmly

The whole structure of the gynaecological examination bed is closed, dustproof and easy to clean