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Model Code: BT-ST01

Electro hydraulic comprehensive operating table

Product description

The electric hydraulic transmission structure makes the bed more accurate, the movement speed more uniform, stable, reliable and durable.

The surgical table panel is made of fluoroscopic material (carbon fiber on the back). The electric horizontal movement stroke is 330mm, which provides more accurate and convenient positioning space for the C-arm. The patient can perform whole body X-ray fluoroscopy without moving

Lifting, translation, head foot tilt, left and right tilt and other operations are driven by independent power system. High precision linear guide ensures the smooth movement of the operating table

304 stainless steel material, ABS base cover, anti glare treatment, reduce eye fatigue of medical staff, convenient for cleaning and disinfection

The scientific base design leaves a wide space for the C-arm and the foot for the medical staff, and ensures the stable balance of the operating table

The base of the surgical bed is designed with big casters, which can move flexibly. The brake makes the casters rise, and the base of the platform contacts the ground firmly with good stability

The whole machine and its accessories are made of high quality nickel chromium stainless steel, which has been used for many years without rust, and the accessories are not easy to be damaged

The operating table has two modes: standard mode and reverse mode, which can realize the head foot exchange function

There are two sets of independent electronic operating system, one is controlled by remote controller, the other is standby operation control panel system of operating table. The two sets of systems operate independently to ensure reliable operation of operating table

The cushion is covered with high density memory sponge