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Model Code: BT-M-N02

Manual Nursing Bed

Lying down function

Backrest lift function

Leg lift and drop function

Rollover Function

Product description

Other Details:

- Manual nursing bed

- Lengthening, strengthening and heightening foldable guardrail

- The Potty hole can be open quick , the tolilet pot can be pulled out

- Remove the head cushion and put the shampoo basin on the bedstead under the cushion to wash the patient's hair.

- Home care bed with detachable dinning table

- Equipped with detachable infusion frame.

- Silent omni-directional wheel,after opening the brake,you can push the nursing bed to move, silent design give a very quiet ward surroundings. The bottom of nursing bed is designed with wear-resistant small wheel and auxiliary support.

- The back pulley makes the back lifting and turning smooth, reduces friction, and is light and force-saving.

- Healthy care bed has high grade ABS bed head and tail, integrated design, easy disassembly, convenient for shampoo, foot washing and nursing.