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Model Code: BT-PT02

Patient Transfer Trolley - Luxury lift cart

Bed size: 1920 * 640 / 740mm

Product description

High quality aluminum alloy pipe profile, ABS engineering injection molding, one-time casting molding

Patient transfer cart composition: the product is composed of bed body, screw rod, backrest transfer mechanism, foot brake and guide mechanism. The bed body can be raised or lowered by shaking the screw rod, the semi reclining position can be selected by hydraulic power, and the brake and brake can be realized by foot brake

The product is equipped with mattress and salt water rack;

Product function:

-Folding angle of product back: 0-60 °± 5 degree

-Height adjustment range of car body: 535-810mm

-Bed size: 1920 * 640 / 740mm

-The bed is equipped with oxygen bottle rack level locking switch

-Adopt international advanced central control brake system, stable and reliable;

The maximum bearing capacity is 250kg

Optional configuration: four small guardrails, two large guardrails

Product information and introdution