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Model Code: BT-PT03

Patient Transfer Trolley - Surgical Exchange Cart

Product size: 3610 / 2100 * 760

Lifting height: 665 * 920mm

Product description

Product function:

-The frame structure is stable and flexible; the height of the two frames can be adjusted: 665-920mm

-The back part of the wound can be folded: 0-60 degrees + - 5 degrees

-The stretcher bed moves back and forth on the docking track

-When the bed surface is moved to another single frame, it can be locked automatically and equipped with a safety device

-It adopts 6-inch universal center caster with guide wheel

-The hand rocker has self-lubricating function, easy and flexible operation, silent and wear-resistant, with two-way in place self-protection design

-The bed surface is equipped with a pile of rotating side overturning guardrails to facilitate the transition of patients to the bed

Product information and introdution