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Conventional Hospital Bed

We are the manufacturer of Three Crank Hospital Bed

Our products can be moved: most medical beds for sale are equipped with wheels to provide caregivers and patients with greater flexibility. The medical bed can be easily moved to different locations in the room or building, enabling patients to receive treatment without physical difficulties or unnecessary wheelchair transfers. These wheels can also be locked during use or transfer to ensure patient safety.

They are adjustable: manual, semi-electric and fully electric medical beds can be adjusted to ensure patient comfort and care. They can be raised or lowered in specific positions (such as head or feet). Changing the height of the medical bed can make it easier for patients to get in and out of the bed, and it can also help medical staff perform treatment.

They are safe: many medical beds for sale are equipped with side rails and other features, and they can also be raised or lowered. They can help patients simply feel safer, but they can also provide important protection by preventing falls. In a hospital environment, some sidebars may also include call buttons so that patients can call for help.