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The Secret of the Delivery Room - LDR Beds

Oct. 19, 21


What is LDR bed?

The LDR bed is the core of the LDR labor and delivery room, it can meet all the needs of the mother during labor, delivery and postpartum recovery, and realize 17 free positions of delivery.

The LDR bed is the centerpiece of the LDR labor and delivery room.

Not only can the doctor and midwife operate the LDR bed, but the mother lying on it can also adjust the angle of the bed according to her needs by pressing the button on the inside of the bed, which is within her reach and saves her effort.


LDR bed features and benefits

Removable lower part

When in labor, the mother can rest comfortably on the bed. During labor, the lower part of the LDR bed can be quickly removed so that the woman's legs can rest comfortably on it as needed in her position. With the hand grips on both sides of the bed, it is easier for the woman to push, which helps the labor process.

The LDR bed is like a Transformer, providing a full range of labor support. After the delivery, the mother needs to rest and the LDR bed can be restored to its original full and comfortable form immediately for the mother to recuperate after delivery.


Full angle adjustment

In general, during labor, the mother is required to lie on the bed and not to move around, and also to cooperate with the doctor's command to exert force, but some women have difficulty in lying flat.

The new century encourages mothers to use the free position for delivery, at this time, the LDR delivery bed, which is different from the ordinary delivery bed, will be very useful. All parts of the bed can be fully adjusted in all directions and angles to accommodate various positions during delivery, including truncated, sitting, squatting and lateral positions. The woman can choose a comfortable position for delivery and give birth in any way she wants.


Lifting delivery table

When the baby is about to be delivered, the midwife quickly installs a delivery table at the end of the bed, which can be freely lifted to match the various positions of the mother and the different conditions of the baby.


Why do you need an LDR bed?

Childbirth is a continuation of human life, a legacy, a hope. It is a natural, normal physiological process. In order to provide perfect care for every pregnant woman who comes to the delivery room to give birth, Bio Tech Health medical Supplies(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. strives to improve teamwork building on the one hand, and develop advanced instruments and equipment on the other. The LDR delivery bed is a technological aid for childbirth. Compared with the general delivery bed, it is the high technology in the delivery bed. It can be deformed at any time according to the needs of the mother and the doctor, and is the most comfortable for the mother-to-be to rely on in labor. It can meet all the needs of mothers during labor, delivery and postpartum recovery, and also meet the clinical requirements of obstetricians and midwives.


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