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Electric Home Nursing Bed: Caring for the Elderly

Sep. 26, 21

Electric Nursing Hospital Bed

It is common for the elderly to be bedridden due to illness. This is not only a personal problem but also a social problem. This has led to the development of nursing beds. From being used only in medical institutions, electric nursing beds are now gradually entering every home.


Why do the elderly need nursing beds?

When it comes to nursing beds, many laypeople may think that it is just a bed for patients or the elderly to sleep in. Just be comfortable. But what is considered comfortable? Is it just for sleeping? In fact, it is not that simple.

Some elderly people are bedridden early, bedridden elderly, chronic patients, paralyzed patients, etc. are bedridden for a longer period of time than ordinary patients. Not only does it become a problem to eat and live. Even going for a walk is not an easy task. People who are usually busy with work do not have the energy to do everything for the care of their parents. Then choose a home multifunctional nursing bed, will certainly make the care work more meticulous. So they need a more comfortable, more complete care function, more cost-effective multifunctional nursing beds.


Advantages of home care beds

Home electric nursing beds have a back-raising function to meet the different needs of the human body for lying down. The elderly are prone to muscle atrophy or back pain due to long-term bed rest, and the back can be raised and lowered to facilitate the elderly to eat or stretch their muscles and bones.

The bed surface is designed into five parts with four nodes so that the body can be flexed and stretched into any position in the bed, and the four joints of the neck, waist, knees, and feet can be freely arranged and folded for storage. The position of the bed can be adjusted according to different needs.

The overall lift of the bed can facilitate the elderly to get in and out of bed, and family care without long-term bending. Convenient legs and feet of the elderly can easily get in and out of bed, will not be so strenuous when sleeping at night, the bed to the lowest, even if not pull up the guardrail, the elderly fall out of bed will not be dangerous.


The role of home care beds

A home care bed is a bed designed for patients with mobility problems to use in-home care, its main purpose is to facilitate the care of family members or caregivers to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients. Home care beds can be divided into two categories according to the mode of operation: manual care beds and electric care beds. Manual is suitable for patients with short-term care needs, in the short term to solve a difficult problem of care. Electric is suitable for families with long-term bedridden patients with limited mobility, which not only greatly reduces the burden of caregivers and family members, but most importantly, so that patients can operate and control their own lives greatly improving their confidence in life, not only in the life to complete a person's needs, but also in the quality of life in the heart to achieve self-satisfaction, which is conducive to the recovery of the patient's disease.

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