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Types And Functions Of Nursing Trolley

Sep. 13, 21

Types And Functions Of Nursing Trolley

The Nursing trolley is constantly being improved and standardized as a tool for nursing staff to do their daily work, such as treatment trolleys, medication trolleys, and emergency trolleys. Today we will learn what types of nursing trolleys are available and what their functions are.


Oral Medicine Trolley

The oral medicine trolley is used when nursing staff dispenses daily medication to inpatients according to medical orders. Its functions are to store oral medication, check the record book when nursing staff dispenses medication, and store garbage.

The classification of the medicine cart drawers can be arranged according to the hospital's own needs, with the bottom drawer generally holding medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine or water medicine. The front of the drawer of the medication cart can be marked with a different logo or the color of the drawer can be customized according to the needs of the hospital for rationalization and management to ensure that nursing staff can distribute medication to patients efficiently, safely, and on time.


Emergency trolley

The first aid cart, also known as the resuscitation cart, as its name suggests, is medical furniture designed to provide a space for both operating platform and storage items when the medical staff is resuscitating the patient.

The first aid trolley is fully functional, with drawers of different sizes for placing emergency drugs, first aid equipment, CPR boards, defibrillators on the operating platform, small oxygen cylinder storage racks, and dirt buckets.

In order to ensure that the first aid cart plays its role, nurses must count and check the drugs every day, and a wide variety of drugs must be used through the drawer layout (drawer dividers), space planning, and the reasonable use of disposable locks in the first aid cart, which can effectively save nursing staff's time and improve work efficiency.


Infusion Trolley

Mostly used in the emergency infusion room, it can place treatment trays, various types of syringes, small instruments, and garbage sorting and storage.


Instrument Trolley

The treatment trolley is the most commonly used clinical medical furniture in the nursing units and treatment spaces in hospitals.

It is a routine treatment tool for nursing staff to do wound treatment, drug change, infusion, and other routine treatment.


Medical record Trolley

A medical record trolley is a mobile tool for storing paper medical records, which can be customized according to the needs of the hospital and can be divided into single-row medical record trolley and double-row medical record trolley.


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